Start of business

The company MECO has been operating since 1992 as an advertising design and production company. Since 1999, it has been reorganized into UAB Meco dizainas with a new activity - the supply of 4x4 accessories.

In 2007 we started in e-commerce with products, whose official representatives we are until now. Later, the range was expanded in the e-shop. Now we are known in Lithuania and Europe as We provide services for all your off-road, overlanding, camping needs and more. We provide special purpose vehicles: fire trucks, tow trucks, military vehicles and border guards with towing winches and other necessary accessories. We now work with half a hundred suppliers and importers of well-known companies, which allows us to constantly expand the range, the choice according to the manufacturer, price or other specific requirements. We provide real warranties and post-warranty service for many goods. Discounts apply to regular customers and larger purchases.

Buying from us is safe and convenient. Our name is well known among 4x4 and off-road fans not only in Lithuania but also abroad, because we value their trust and fulfill orders at the agreed time and price.

We wish you a pleasant cooperation and a successful choice.

Our services

Fast delivery to any place in Lithuania and European countries. Choose the product you need, and if you can't find anything - ask, we have a lot to offer, not just what you see in this e-shop!

Most of the ordered goods are in the warehouse in Vilnius, we deliver with the Omniva courier to any Lithuanian city or village within 24 hours, we also send it to other countries. In other cases we deliver within 3-4 days or non-standard orders take longer. When ordering goods online, you receive a pre-invoice by e-mail. An employee will contact you by email or phone to confirm the order or inform you about the delivery deadline.

You can pay by bank transfer, cash by courier or by card at the parcel terminal to pick up the goods, all prices including VAT.

If you do not find something you need or have doubts about the choice - ask, we will advise and offer the most suitable for your needs and even more products that we have not yet managed to publish on this site. If an unspecified price (eg. suspension kits) means that these product groups are selected with our help individually according to the 4x4 model, purpose and customer's wishes - this way the buyer avoids making mistakes choosing the components himself.

Let’s travel and have fun together

We have been organizing entertainment and off-road trips since 2001, which is a new experience for many people, doses of adrenaline and a cartridge of good mood. Various tracks on request, introduction to off-road opportunities, off-road driving courses, Team Building entertainment, organization of events. We cooperate with various entertainment companies and together we organize unforgettable events with dozens and even hundreds of participants.

We organize sightseeing trips with 4x4 vehicles with picnics or meals in nature. Many years of off-road driving and successful participation in off-road racing and long-distance 4x4 travel experience are knowledge we want to share. They will help you reduce unpleasant surprises in off-road. Off-roaders sometimes face off-road or technical problems, so it’s worth knowing how to prepare your 4x4 vehicle properly, how to drive, how to use assistive devices. Experienced drivers will help you learn to drive a 4x4 vehicle off-road, learn how to do the right thing in overcoming obstacles, how to use aids - winches, recovery boards, lifts, roadbooks, GPS navigation, etc. You can get to know all the off-road fun without a hurry, try out the possibilities of the 4x4 truck yourself and learn a lot from off-road instructors or see the mistakes of others and learn from them as well.

If you have your own 4x4 vehicle, but you are afraid to take harder off-road by yourself - we can accompany you with advice and technical assistance. We were the first since 2007 to start organizing off-road trips to the Carpathian Mountains, the Kordon event, to which we have contributed. Every year we continue our 4x4 adventures in the Carpathian adventure. We also organize recreational 4x4 trips and expeditions in the Balkans, Albania, Montenegro, Greece. We have crossed the Pamir Mountains with the highest crossings in one SUV, visiting the spectacular natural landscapes of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and famous historical sites of the cities along the way.