Welcome to our specialized off-road and overlanding online store 4x4Shop.lt

Remember, this is only a part of the range of products we can offer, it is constantly being updated. We represent various foreign manufacturers in the field of 4x4 accessories and deliver the necessary accessories, parts for 4x4 vehicles or their improvement. If you can't find anything here - write us your 4x4 model, year, engine and what you're looking for and we'll try to help you.

Below is a brief guide on how to use this store and how to buy or order the equipment, accessories, and 4x4 parts you need.

Don't be afraid to click something wrong - you can cancel your order in the browser at any time and even after receiving a prepayment you have three days to pay it, after which it is no longer valid (unless you request a deferral). Every purchase of your order is checked, adjusted if necessary, agreed with you regarding delivery terms and payment form,

I. How do I view and select items?

Select the appropriate category you are interested in on the 4x4Shop main page or from the list on the left. The page will list goods with brief information, price, photo and more button. There will be links to the next page at the bottom of the page if all the items do not fit on one page.

At the top of the page, there is a drop-down selection for sorting items.

A "Add to cart" button will appear on the page, which will add the selected item to your shopping cart.

If an item has additional selectable options, a drop-down menu will appear that automatically links to the item's price.

If you are going to buy or order an item, after selecting the required quantity, click the "Add to cart" button and the item will be in your shopping cart. You can continue to browse and select items, click Buy, Like, or complete your search and place a purchase order.

The "Like" button will put the item as interesting to you in the "Favorite" list, which you can edit - delete or move to the shopping cart at any time. This list is stored for one month and you do not need to constantly search for the product you like in the general catalog, so it is worth registering - create your account on this site.

The "Back" button will return you to the list of items in this category.

II. How to buy?

If you've already selected items, you'll see the "Selected Items" quantity and total amount on the right. By clicking "View Cart" you will see a table with your selected items, where you can change the number of items you buy, or remove them from the cart by clicking the "cross". In each case, the total amount is recalculated.

When the items are selected - click "Complete Order". You will be offered "Register - create your account" or buy without registration. Registration is convenient for you so that the next time you don't have to fill in all the data again, you will be able to view your previous purchases and participate in the announced discount promotions. In addition, if you wish, we will inform you by e-mail about discounts, innovations and events on our website.

Once you've filled in the fields correctly, click 'Next' to select your preferred shipping method.

In the last step, if you need to enter comments, click "Confirm order", the program will send a generated pre-invoice to your specified e-mail address with all payment details.

An employee will contact you shortly by email or phone to inform you of the delivery deadline before your order is confirmed, suspended or canceled at your request.

If the delivery terms are right for you and there are no more questions, you can pay according to the received pre-invoice and inform us by e-mail.

The VAT invoice (pdf) is submitted by e-mail after payment of the order, when the goods are delivered to the buyer.

III. Where to pick up?

We try to deliver all goods directly to the buyer's adress in Vilnius or to any Lithuanian city or village through the courier service "Omniva". The courier delivers the goods within 24 hours since shipment.

In cases agreed with the buyer, we send small goods as a matter of urgency through the Express Parcel Service "siunta24" operating at bus stations.

If the goods are purchased "without delivery", they are picked up in Vilnius by prior agreement on the time and place, or delivered to the specified address by agreement.

Free delivery of goods within Lithuania is often applied as a discount to regular customers.

When picking up the goods from the courier, be sure to check that the packaging is not damaged and that everything is in accordance with the order.

IV. Other questions?

You can always contact us by phone or e-mail info@4x4shop.lt.

Warranties, returns, and other issues are detailed in the General E-Commerce Rules.

Thank you for your attention.