We try to shop at 4x4shop.lt. in the store would be as convenient as possible, and your orders will be delivered smoothly and on time. This requires accurate personal information about us, which we collect and maintain.

When is personal information collected?

Your personal information is collected when you order goods from 4x4shop.lt e-mail. in the store and by requesting additional information about products, orders, their processing, etc. Also by subscribing to our newsletters.

What is personal information collected for?

All personal information provided by you is used:
a) to provide order information (to inform when, where and how your order will be delivered);
b) to ensure the sending of messages necessary for the provision of our services; < br /> c) To answer inquiries about goods or other questions;
d) News related to managed by Meco dizainas JSC trademarks.

What personal information is collected?

The information collected is necessary for the execution of orders and direct marketing activities:
a) Customer data (name, surname, company name, etc.);
b) Delivery data;
c) Contact details (email, phone number).

How is personal information maintained?

All personal and payment-related information is collected and processed securely (secured by an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate), by default, and is confidential. We undertake not to disclose your (and other clients') personal information to third parties (this obligation does not apply in the cases provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania). You can always contact us to find out what personal information we hold about you and to correct or delete it.

How long is the data stored?

Unless otherwise noted, we will protect your data:

  • According to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, data and invoices related to orders are stored for 10 years from the date of ordering;
  • Login session information is stored for 30 days after it is captured;
  • All other Personal Data listed in this Privacy Policy - until your account is deleted or you refuse to provide us with this data.

When and what marketing emails will be sent?

You can subscribe to our e-newsletter with marketing information and special offers for its recipients. By subscribing to the newsletter, you give permission to manage your email. email address so we can send you these emails. You will only receive marketing emails if you have given us permission to do so.
You may revoke your permission to continue to receive marketing emails at any time by clicking on "no longer receive these newsletters" in any email or by notifying us via a general email. mail.

Will the data be transferred to third parties?

Viera Donec may share your data with Biosprendimų Laboratory, UAB. Viera Donec is required by law to provide data to government or supervisory authorities when necessary to avoid risks to the public and to prosecute crimes.
Your data may be transferred to third parties when it is necessary to provide our services or functions (e.g. your address is forwarded to the courier for delivery). We guarantee that these parties undertake to process this data responsibly and in accordance with applicable law.
In all other cases, your data will only be transferred to third parties if you have given permission or access to it.

What cookies ( cookies ) will / will be used?

The cookies used on our website are necessary for the functionality and operation of our website. These cookies allow you to successfully purchase a product or use an electronic payment system. Most of these cookies are deleted from your device at the end of your browser session. We only use the information stored in the necessary cookies to provide the services and features you request.
When you first visit our website, we ask that you consent to the sending of additional cookies to your device. These cookies can be declined, but they help us:

  • Identify how many visitors visit our site, what their behavior is, what pages on the site they visit. This helps us improve the performance of our site and make it more user-friendly.
  • Identify when you revisit our site.